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MARKET TO TABLE VOD POSTERMarket to Table explores farmers’ markets in and around Toronto, and brings local ingredients to the table with exciting food ideas from six brilliant chefs, on Bell Fibe TV1 and now on YouTube.

Starting last September, it’s been a wonderful ride getting Market to Table from tiny germ of an idea to television. We received an amazingly swift approval from Bell Media’s Executive Producer John Buffone and were able to get two market segments shot in the autumn. Then we had a hiatus until late January, when we started shooting the balance of the market segments through early February, in very, very cold weather. We had all our chefs lined up by now and finally nailed down a kitchen to shoot in when Miele kindly let us have their demo kitchen in Vaughan for a few days. Now illness started to strike and one by one first a couple of chefs and then members of our own team were laid low. But the show must go on and with one quick and fortuitous replacement and a bit of schedule juggling, we started on time on a snowy February Monday and wrapped three days later, taping two shows each day.


Nigel’s journal records every step

Then we had to wait while the network scheduled the show and through the very long editing, colour balancing and mixing process. Some favourite bits of business and some really nice interviews fell to the editor’s knife, usually because they just didn’t quite fit the flow of the show, and occasionally because of a technical glitch. This is where one really learns patience, but eventually the shows were exactly the way we wanted them and we launched in mid-May.

Six episodes will be available in wondrous high definition on Fibe TV1 for up to three years and now that they have been broadcast for the first time, I’m allowed to post them on YouTube. This page has been updated with links to all the shows. And please watch the credits at the end of each show for fun scenes of the crew noshing on the chefs’ creations and a list of all the great folks who made the show possible.

The crew devours Bobby's chicken

The crew devours Bobby’s chicken

Market to Table Episode 1 launched May 16, 2016 on Fibe TV1 and July 18, 2016 on YouTube.

Chef Matt Blondin of Omaw creates a rolled lamb shoulder treat after host Nigel Napier-Andrews shops at the St. Lawrence Farmers’ Market.

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Market to Table Episode 2 launched May 23, 2016 on Fibe TV1 and July 19, 2016 on YouTube.

Chef Andrew Carter of The Oxley cooks up a luxurious fish pie after host Nigel Napier-Andrews meets merchants at the historic St. Lawrence Market.

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Dan’s roast rack of venison

Market to Table Episode 3 launched May 30, 2016 on Fibe TV1 and July 18, 2016 on YouTube.

Chef Dan Frenette of Northern Touch roasts rack of venison after host Nigel Napier-Andrews digs into the offerings at the Evergreen Brick Works Farmers Market.

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Market to Table Episode 4 launched June 6, 2016 on Fibe TV1 and July 19, 2016 on YouTube.

Chef Bobby Richford of EVOO offers his take on stuffed chicken breast after host Nigel Napier-Andrews browses The York Farmers’ Market.


Bart’s pappardelle carbonara

Market to Table Episode 5 launched June 20, 2016 on Fibe TV1 and July 19, 2016 on YouTube.

Chef Bart Pocock of Nord Bistro serves up a tasty pasta dish with local ingredients after host Nigel Napier-Andrews checks out the Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers’ Market

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Chopped Canada's Anne in the Miele kitchen

Chopped Canada’s Anne in the Miele kitchen

Market to Table Episode 6 launched June 27, 2016 on Fibe TV1 and July 19, 2016 on YouTube.

Chef Anne Sorrenti of Morgans on The Danforth plates her special Georgian Bay whitefish after host Nigel Napier-Andrews visits The Stop Farmers’ Market at the Artscape Wychwood Barns.

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Screen shot from YouTube shows Matt and Nigel deep into a saucy moment

Featured image: Screen shot from YouTube shows Matt and Nigel in a saucy moment

NEWS UPDATE: My fully illustrated e-book, Market to Table: The Cookbook started as a project for novice cooks, but after I was picked to host a cooking show featuring food bought at farmers’ markets, developed into a more complete collection of the recipes from the series, including some from guest chefs on the show, as well as those from my well-read foodie blog. It is easy to read, divided into chapters that cover the main mealtimes of the day, and into recipes that are concise and guaranteed to work. Most recipes are accompanied by an entertaining story. Brilliant young Chef Dan Frenette, who now hosts the TV series, has written the Foreword and contributes to the book.

How about a copy as a gift idea for yourself, friends, family or anyone who loves to cook, now available on, i-Tunes and Amazon.

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