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Food photography: Nigel Napier-Andrews | Graphic design: Clint Lavado

Putting all my adventures in the kitchen in one place may be the start of another cookbook, as a companion to my new television series, Market to Table, on Bell Fibe TV1 and YouTube.

Whatever gets me started on cooking up a new dish, I usually go back through some old cookbooks, tattered notes and index cards, and now even the Internet for references. Walking around farmers’ markets and seeing what’s fresh and what’s interesting is also a fine source of inspiration.

I’m just “a writer who cooks,” so I don’t claim many of my recipes are truly original, but all of them have been personally tried and tested many times, so I know the way I’ve laid things out will work (what chefs call mise en placeand guarantee an acceptable result. Usually I add my own twist, but if I’ve lifted someone else’s recipe whole, I do give them credit. Some of the food ideas need a little practice to make perfect and some of them can be spot on first time. All will benefit from experience. Enjoy your own kitchen adventures.

I hope, as well, you enjoy the stories I tell with every article. That idea I did borrow from a fine writer, Nigel Slater, whose Kitchen Diaries I read and cherish. This other Nigel calls himself “a cook who writes” and he’s outstanding at both cooking and writing.

So, here’s Market to Table: The Cookbook — an up-to-date alphabetical list of the five dozen or so recipes I’ve posted in the past four years, and featured on the television series, divided into sections. All the links are live and the older postings transferred from my other, now dormant, websites. As new recipes are added and refreshed from time to time, this list will be updated. Thanks especially to the chefs on the TV series, who have volunteered their featured recipes. For the future, I’ve promised myself to work on posting the balance of the good recipes from my old cookbook How To Eat Well and Stay Single, plus adding lots of tasty new ones.

A pot of soup heats up in my galley under sail

Aguecate Diane (chilled avocado soup)
French onion soup
Chilled summer soups
Oysters (and how to shuck them)
Palace finger sandwiches (cucumber and smoked salmon)
Vichysoisse (chilled potato and leek soup)
Fresh free-range organic eggs

Cheese soufflé
Eggs: Benedict, Florentine and Royale
Eggs Portobello
Eggs: soft boiled, hard boiled, fried, poached and scrambled
Frittata (coming October 3, 2016)
Quiche Lorraine
Spinach quiche


Apple Habañero Chicken (by Koriander Pepper, Privateer Lynx cook)
Arctic char
Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich, ethical BLT
Baked salmon
Beef Stroganov
Boeuf Bourgignon
Chicken and leek pie
Chicken pot pie (by David Hammonds, The Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria)
Chilean sea bass
Chili con carne (and sin carne)
Cod au gratin
Coq au vin
Coronation chicken
Cottage pie
Cumberland fish pie
Grilled monkfish (after Nigel Slater, Kitchen Diaries)
Lake trout en papillote
Lasagne with ragù all bolognaise
Mac and cheese
Bacon mac and cheese
Lobster mac and cheese
Budget crab mac and cheese
The Oxley Fish Pie (by Andrew Carter, The Oxley)
Pappardelle carbonara (by Bart Pocock, Nord Bistro)
Pork pie (by Stephen Hallam, Dickenson & Morris)
Pork, apple and cider pie (by Paul Hollywood, Pies and Puds)
Rack of venison (by Dan Frenette, Northern Touch Catering)
Roast beef (and Yorkshire pudding)
Roast turkey 
Seafood pie


Watercolour sketches from an unpublished cookbook

Beet and onion fritters
Cauliflower cheese
Lemon and thyme roast potatoes
Potatoes, twice baked
Roast potatoes
Scalloped potatoes


Beet and spinach salad
Coronation chicken (by Constance Spry and Rosemary Hume)
Red skinned potato salad
Summer salads
Watercolour illustrations by Nigel Napier-Andrews

Apple crumble
Apple crisp
Blackberry and apple pie
Blackberry coulis
Caribbean coulis
Chocolate soufflé
Crême brulée
Fruit pie
Gooseberry crumble (by Tessa Bramley, Traditional Puddings)
Grilled pineapple sundae
Mango delight
Never fail pastry
Peach lattice pie
Peach Melba
Peach pie
Peach tart
Raspberry coulis
Raspberry fool
Summer fruits coulis
Rhubarb crumble
Summer sweets
Whole wheat bread

Always keep a bottle of champagne, cava, prosecco or cremant handy in the wine fridge

Aperol spritz

Converting temperatures and weights
Basic French sauces
Hollandaise sauce


A quick still-life watercolour sketch hangs in the kitchen.

All the thumbnail sketches in this article are original watercolour paintings by Nigel Napier-Andrews, illustrations for the next book, Market to Table: The Cookbook.

NEW_MarketToTable_Cover (002)NEWS UPDATE: My fully illustrated e-book, Market to Table: The Cookbook started as a project for novice cooks, but after I was picked to host a cooking show featuring food bought at farmers’ markets, developed into a more complete collection of the recipes from the series, including some from guest chefs on the show, as well as those from my well-read foodie blog. It is easy to read, divided into chapters that cover the main mealtimes of the day, and into recipes that are concise and guaranteed to work. Most recipes are accompanied by an entertaining story. Brilliant young Chef Dan Frenette, who now hosts the TV series, has written the Foreword and contributes to the book.

How about a copy as a gift idea for yourself, friends, family or anyone who loves to cook, now available on, i-Tunes and Amazon.

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