Month: June 2020


Languedoc imageMany strange things have occurred in the land of the Cathars, even in recent times. Something very odd happened to a shipment of wine that was produced there and wound up at the Liquor Control Board of Ontario. And, what became of the nice lady who made that wine? Our wine scribe Jim Walker tells us all about the unusual goings on at Domaine l’Aiguelière in the heart of the Languedoc wine region of southern France. Continue reading “MYSTERIES IN THE LANGUEDOC”


No crowds, more space on small ships (Hurtigruten)

In the world of cruising, the last 20 years has largely been focused on building bigger and more outlandish cruise ships that look like floating theme parks. However, if the COVID-19 pandemic has taught the cruise industry anything, it’s that the days of mega-ships ruling the waves may have come to an end. As E. F. Schumacher once wrote, “Small is Beautiful”. And when it comes to cruising, the legendary economist’s theory that big is not always better may just inspire a sea change in how ships are built and operated in future. Continue reading “SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL”