Leading up to the publication of Gentleman’s Portion: The Cookbook, a new video series launches today.

After my television series Market to Table ran its course over two seasons, I’ve mostly focused my cooking endeavours on comfort food for my weekly blog. But while I was editing away recently on what may well be a nearly final draft of the collection of recipes for the new eBook, my beloved Diane asked why I wasn’t doing cooking videos.

As a former professional in the world of television, where I produced, directed or wrote several thousand shows, with crews of 50 or more in some cases, and then spent a couple of decades making corporate videos with smaller crews, culminating in hosting two television series, also with full crews, it had simply never occurred to me that I could make simple videos myself, with no extra resources. This from a guy who once wrote The D.I.Y. TV Book, about how to do community television on the cheap.

These will be simple videos, shot on my iPhone and edited on my laptop, with no bells and whistles. I hope you enjoy them for what they are – a simple way to share cooking ideas and techniques. Some of them may be very simple!

Choosing a recipe to shoot for the first episode of a new video series wasn’t easy. In the end I picked the subject of this week’s blog – Fruit Parfait – because while the kitchen was in its usual uproar preparing the dish for photography, it wasn’t much more effort to make the video as well.

These will be occasional videos, but the first few will be recipes that are going to appear in the new eBook, called with unremitting logic Gentleman’s Portion: The Cookbook.

The link to Gentleman’s Portion: The Cookbook is now live.

In the meantime, enjoy my first D.I.Y. video and please leave a comment.

video 1

Featured image: Editing the first video

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