Episode 3: Baked white fish

Nigel launches the third video in his Gentleman’s Portion cooking demo series, better and shorter than the last one.

Here’s a delicate fish dish for people who don’t really like fish. The video explains how easy it is to prepare with a flavourful tapenade.

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This is Nigel’s 293rd blog on Gentleman’s Portion. The SEARCH function at the top works really well, if you want to look back and see some of his previous stories. The link to Gentleman’s Portion: The Cookbook is now live, well priced at $9.99 or £9.99.

And please check out his other new cooking videos— Episode 1: Fruit parfait, Episode 2: Eggs Benny, and Episode 3: Baked Whitefish, above, the first three of an occasional series, or watch them on YouTube.

Gentleman's Portion for Youtube_2

Featured image: Title frame for the new cooking demo video.

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