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Gentleman’s Portion: The Cookbook is now available online with more than 90 mostly vegetarian recipes.

The eBook contains a full basket of recipes for delicious and mostly vegetarian comfort food, collected into the four seasons so we can more easily follow the farmers’ crop cycle and support locally grown food: A Spring Portion—when the earth awakes from its long winter sleep and we relish really fresh produce again; A Summer Portion—when market gardens and farmers’ fields overflow with bounty that sings of sunshine; An Autumn Portion—when roots and fruits dominate and farmers put their crops aside in cool dark places; and A Winter’s Portion—when we rely on food that stores well through the cold months while flavour intensifies.

‘The honorable gentleman’s portion’—The phrase was first documented in The New Monthly Magazine, published in London in 1857 and I liked it enough to use it for the name of this weekly blog and now for my third cookbook.

As a taste of what is to come, here are Six Tasty Soups, with links to the original posts, so you can read the story and recipes now, or better still, download the eBook. It’s only $9.99.


Minty pea soup and Zucchini & mint soup


Salmon bisque and Caldo verde (Portuguese green soup)


Curried carrot soup and Roasted tomato soup

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This is Nigel’s 290th blog on Gentleman’s Portion. The SEARCH function at the top works really well, if you want to look back and see some of his previous stories. The link to Gentleman’s Portion: The Cookbook is now live, well priced at $9.99 or £9.99 and available on AmazonApple Books, Barnes & NobleGoogleKobo and Scribd.

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    • Suzanne: Sadly, with colour printing, the cost of a print version would be over $50 a copy. However, if you buy the eBook, I can send you a version in PDF format with four pages of consolidated colour plates to reduce the expense of printing. This six photo spread is one of them and there are similar spreads for salads, mains and desserts. You can print and bind your own copy at any local print shop. Nigel


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