Jim on wine

In 2016, Jim Walker joined our stable of writers and corresponds regularly on wine and imbibing in the true spirit of Gentleman’s Portion.

Jim has, over the past half century, tasted many thousands of bottles of wine sourced from around the world, traipsed gleefully through vineyards on three continents, and befriended countless vintners, merchants and fellow tipplers along the way. Since 2006, he and his wife (and partner in crime) Hélène Buisson, have operated Arthur’s Cellar Wine Club, boasting some 600 thirsty members throughout Ontario. He has imported more than 100,000 bottles of 1,000 different wines valued at more than two million dollars.

To find out more or enroll in Arthur’s Cellar Wine Club, click here. There are no annual fees or other obligations. Your taste buds just might thank you for it.